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Engineering Informatics and Process Control


Bioprocess Control Laboratory

Y doc. Ing. Pavel Hrnčiřík, Ph.D.
b Pavel.Hrncirik@vscht.cz
e +420 220 444 296

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The Bioprocess Control Laboratory at ICT Prague is in the long term concerned with advanced modelling and control methods of biotechnological processes. The present research is focused on methods for knowledge extraction from measurements of different kinds (time courses, frequency spectra), the creation of physiological models of bioprocesses, study of intelligent methods of physiological bioprocess control, and the development of multi-agent knowledge-based control systems. Beside the theoretical work a number of laboratory and industrial control systems of bioreactors was also realized. The laboratory facility was completely modernized and equipped thanks to the participation of the research group in several international research projects. At present the Laboratory concentrates on optimization of one antibiotics production process in the industrial scale.


Digital Signal and Image Processing

Y Prof. Ing. Aleš Procházka
b A.Prochazka@ieee.org
e +420220 444 198

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Research group of Digital Signal and Image Processing at the Department of Computing and Control Engineering has more than 30 years old tradition. Its research interests are devoted to methodology and applications of general DSP methods in biomedical and engineering applications. The interdisciplinary approach to multichannel and multidimensional data processing is oriented towards the use of similar mathematical methods in different areas. Theoretical topics include functional transforms for data analysis, digital filtering, computer vision, classification and geometrical methods for the three-dimensional modelling. Applications include (i) analysis of brain activities and EEG processing, (ii) polysomnography and breathing analysis, (iii) EMG processing and classification of muscle disorders, (iv) spatial modelling in movement analysis, (v) segmentation and digital modelling in orthodontia, (vi) GPS data processing in sport activities, (vii) computational intelligence in retina analysis. The interdisciplinary research based upon the close international collaboration includes human-man interaction studies and implementation of modern assistive technologies.


Research Group of Optimization and Cybernetics

Y Doc. Ing. Jan Mareš, Ph.D.

b jan.mares@vscht.cz

e +420 220 444 172

Research Group of Optimization and Cybernetics is focused on modern methods of process control, mathematical modelling, 3D modelling and optimization. Methodology is based on modern methods of data classification, artificial intelligence, machine learning, variational methods or deep learning. Aims of the research are focused on:

  • Modelling and control of nonlinear processes
  • On-line data classification for rare disease diagnosis
  • Analysis of CT images for surgery and onco-surgery
  • Gait and movement analysis for diagnosis of neurological and orthopedical diseases
  • 3D modelling and virtual reality

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