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Doc. Ing. Miroslav Soos, PhD (group leader)

He studied at Slovak University of Technology, Slovakia where in 1997 he received master degree in Chemical Engineering and Process Control and in 2001 the PhD degree in Chemical Engineering. From 2001 till 2015 he was working at ETH Zurich, Switzerland initially as postdoctoral researcher and later as Senior Research Scientist. During this period he was involved in several research projects related to colloidal engineering, modeling of fluid dynamics using CFD and synthesis of advanced functional materials. He was responsible for development of patented method for production of porous nano and microparticles as well as for establishment and leadership of the cell culture laboratory dedicated to production of therapeutic proteins. In 2015 he joint UCT Prague where he is currently leading Biotechnology and Advanced Functional Material Laboratory. His interest covers synthesis of various nanoparticles and their assembly towards functional materials which can find application as conductive polymers, sensors, catalyst supports, stationary phases for separations, drug delivery systems and API formulation processes.

Mgr. Fatima Hassouna, PhD (senior scientist)

She earns the Master degree in Macromolecular and Organic Chemistry from Lille I University, Lille, France and Chemistry of Transformations followed by PhD in Physical Chemistry both from Blaise Pascal University, Clermont-Ferrand, France. After one year of Post-doctoral researcher positions at Arkema Inc., Pennsylvania (USA) she joint CRP Henri Tudor, Luxembourg initially as Researcher and development scientist and later on as a Senior Research Scientist. From April 2015 she is a member of the Biotechnology and Advanced Functional Laboratory established by Assoc. Prof. Šoóš at UCT Prague working on the synthesis of bio based polymers, bio composites, nanocomposites and polymer processing.


- Ing. Vítek Zvoníček (PhD student)

- MSc. Edith Kutorglo (PhD student)

- Bc. Romana Fojtíková (Master student)

- Bc. Martina Ježková (undergrad student)

- Moshir Abo el dehab (undergrad student)

- Petr Holánek (undergrad student)

- Jan Jirát (undergrad student)

- Johana Korbelářová (undergrad student)

- Marek Michalko (undergrad student)

- Jan Šikola (undergrad student)

- Ondřej Šrom (undergrad student)

- Danylo Trunov (undergrad student)

- Boleslav Zahradník (undergrad student)

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