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Department of Mathematics

List of available PhD theses

Advanced statistical methods and their application on biomedical data

Department: Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Chemical Engineering
Theses supervisor: Mgr. Ing. Pavel Kříž, Ph.D.


Biomedical data often show very complex structure (many correlated variables, autocorrelation in time and/or space, high-dimensional data, high-frequency data etc.). Its correct statistical analysis is not a routine, it requires creativity in combination with use of various advanced statistical methods and techniques. The objective of this work is to explore and study advanced methods from different fields of statistics (such as multivariate statistics, time series analysis, functional data analysis etc.) and design their appropriate combinations (or develop their modifications) in order to extract important and useful information from selected biomedical data. Emphasis is put on rigorous approach to assumption verification and results interpretation (incl. assessment of their reliability using exact of simulation techniques).

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