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École nationale supérieure de chimie de Rennes, France

List of available PhD theses

Chemo-Enzymatic and organic synthesis of C-galactofuranosides

Department: Department of Chemistry of Natural Compounds, Faculty of Food and Biochemical Technology
Theses supervisor: Ing. Kamil Parkan, Ph.D.


Glycoconjugates are critical molecules involved in many biological phenomena and more particularly in cellular communication and molecular recognition through their saccharidic part. Their natural occurrence and relevant biological role contributed to the strong emergence of glycosciences in the last 20 years. Most of the carbohydrates found in Nature present a six-membered ring. Their five-membered ring analogs, named furanoses, while less abundant, could also be seen, particularly in some microorganisms, often pathogenic, like Mycobacteria, Leishmania or Aspergillus. Since furanosides are not biosynthesized by mammals, they are particularly suitable targets to better understand their role but also as antiparasitic agents. Different families of galactofuranosyl derivatives have already been screened against strains of Mycobacteria or Leishmania. The team of Rennes have for example shown that an alkyl furanoside, the octyl β-d-galactofuranoside was able to inhibit the proliferation of both Mycobacteria and Leishmania at a concentration of 850 µmol.L-1 and 9 µmol.L-1 respectively. Nevertheless, the activity of this glycofuranolipids quickly dropped because of the chemical or enzymatic hydrolysis of the O-glycosidic bond. To overcome this problem, we wish to swap the O-glycosidic bond with more stable mimetics like the C-glycosidic one. The goal of this double degree Ph.D. project is development of two strategies in parallel to synthetize these C-glycosides: one based on a cross-coupling methodology developed in our laboratory at UCT Prague and the other one centered on a biocatalyzed C-glycosylation in aqueous media developed by Dr. Laurent Legentil at ENSC Rennes. The resulting C-glycosides will then be evaluated against their bacteriostatic properties on two microorganisms, Mycobacteria smegmatis and Leishmania torentulae, the non-pathogenic analogues of Mycobacteria tuberculosis and Leishmania donovani.

Innovative air purification procedures

Department: Department of Environmental Chemistry, Faculty of Environmental Technology
Theses supervisor: doc. Dr. Ing. Martin Kubal


The main goal of the dissertation thesis will be the research of the removal of unwanted air components using innovative methods including especially photocatalysis and a combination of photocatalysis and cold plasma. In particular, organic substances produced as part of chemical production and biological waste treatment will be removed.

Pressure driven membrane separation processes for wastewater treatment

Department: Department of Environmental Chemistry, Faculty of Environmental Technology
Theses supervisor: doc. Dr. Ing. Martin Kubal


Membrane separation technologies have become popular in the treatment of heavily polluted wastewater and contaminated groundwater in the field of environmental protection. The aim of this work is to find a ,,zero discharge" concept in wastewater treatment using a combination of membrane processes, suitable pre-treatment such as antiscalant dosing and post-treatment of concentrate such as stabilization / solidification and advanced oxidation processes.

Supramolecular assemblies and gels from helicene-polypeptide conjugates: synthesis and chiroptical properties

Department: Department of Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Chemical Engineering
Study programme: Chemie (double degree)


This work will be focused on the preparation and characterization of new supramolecular systems based on helicene-polypeptide conjugates. The polypeptide moiety will be systematically modified to produce highly ordered supramolecular aggregates stabilized by hydrogen and other interactions. Common methods of structural analysis including highly sensitive methods of chiroptical spectroscopy (electronic circular dichroism ECD, vibrational circular dichroism VCD and Raman optical activity ROA) will be used for the characterization.

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