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Measurement and Signal Processing in Chemistry

Measurement and Signal Processing in Chemistry

Doctoral programme, Faculty of Chemical Engineering

The study programme is focused on modern sensor technology, chemical sensors, modeling, simulation, identification and classification (bio) chemical processes, data collection and processing from chemical, biochemical and biological samples. The theoretical basis of the programme is the principles of the function sensors of physical and chemical quantities, methods of digital signal processing and selected chapters from applied mathematics. The aim of the study of this programme is to educate a doctoral student for independent scientific work in the areas of (i) modern chemical sensors, (ii) modeling, simulation and analysis of complex chemical processes and (iii) modern methods of data processing primarily from chemical, biochemical and biological samples. The aim is to equip students with advanced theoretical knowledge and practical skills and to educate independent scientific personalities from them, able to further develop the areas of theoretical and applied research.


The graduate is multidisciplinary and has in-depth knowledge of various branches of measuring and sensor technology, modeling of chemical processes, signal collection and processing. Has an overview of topics related to: (i) construction and principles of operation of sensors and measuring systems and (ii) mathematical and statistical methods in signal and image processing. He is led to the ability to work independently and in a team, the formulation of a scientific problem, the creation of a concept for its solution and the implementation of research in all phases of this process. The graduate will be ready to design their own research or industrial projects. He will acquire knowledge and skills that will enable him to adapt professionally in specific conditions in the field of basic and applied research, in the academic sphere and in technological practice connected especially with the chemical and food industry.

Programme Details

Language of instruction English
Standard length of study 4 years
Form of study Full time + Combined
Guarantor of study programme prof. Dr. Ing. Martin Vrňata
Programme Code AD405
Place of study Prague
Capacity 20 students
Number of available PhD theses 0

List of available PhD theses

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