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Erasmus Student Network University of Chemistry and Technology Prague (ESN UCT Prague) is a non-profit volunteer student organization . The main aim of the organization is to help the exchange students and make their exchange program at the UCT Prague enjoyable by not only organizing trips and parties, but also by helping the exchange students with some necessary administrative affairs and other similar matters. If you are interested and you would like to use their service to experience the Czech Republic in a company of the Czech students, contact them info@esnuct.cz

Several members of ESN UCT Prague are students of our Faculty of Chemical Engineering. If you have any questions about our Faculty or other, you can contact them.

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Ondra Rychecký

b Ondrej.Rychecky@vscht.cz

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Kačka Soušková

b Katerina.Souskova@vscht.cz

ořez 215*215px

Bolek Zahradník

b Boleslav.Zahradnik@vscht.cz

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