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Chemické a procesní inženýrství (double degree)

Recommended curriculum of the PhD study programme

Subjects are selected by the student in cooperation with the supervisor and the resulting study plan is always subject to approval by the subject council. If the supervisor and the council council agree, the student may also choose subjects outside the list below.

Minimum amount of subjects (module A + module B): 4

Subjects of module A

These are courses characteristic for the programme being studied.

Minimum amount of subjects A: 1

Code Subject Title L/Ex/Lab Examination
P409001 Mass Transport Processes 3/0/0 Zk
P409002 Engineering Kinetics and Heterogeneous Reactors 3/0/0 Zk
P409003 Bioreactors 3/0/0 Zk
P409004 Process and System Engineering 3/0/0 Zk
P409005 Dynamics of Nonlinear Chemico-Physical Processes - from Oscillations to Patterns 3/0/0 Zk
P409006 Engineering of Polymeration Reactors 3/0/0 Zk
P409007 Bubbles, drops and particles 3/0/0 Zk
P409008 Aerosol engineering 3/0/0 Zk
P409009 Applied fluid mechanics 3/0/0 Zk
P409011 Advanced programming and technologies of programming 3/0/0 Zk
P409012 Particle Technology 3/0/0 Zk
P409013 Hydrodynamics of multiphase reactors 3/0/0 Zk

Subjects of module B

These are specialized courses extending knowledge in areas complementary to the program.

Code Subject Title L/Ex/Lab Examination
P105001 Electrochemical Engineering 3/0/0 Zk
P105002 Reactivity and Structure Characteristics of Solid Materials 3/0/0 Zk
P105012 Inorganic Technology for PhD Students 3/0/0 Zk
P108002 X-ray Powder Diffraction 3/0/0 Zk
P111002 Texture Properties of Porous Media (Solids) 3/0/0 Zk
P111003 Disordered materials: Microstructure and transport properties 3/0/0 Zk
P111004 Unit Operations of Solid Dosage Form Manufacturing 3/0/0 Zk
P111005 Reactor Engineering 3/0/0 Zk
P111006 Organic Technology for PhD students 3/0/0 Zk
P111007 Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms 3/0/0 Zk
P319001 Bioengineering 3/0/0 Zk
P320001 General Microbiology 3/0/0 Zk
P320005 Biophysical chemistry 3/0/0 Zk
P320006 Imunochemistry 3/0/0 Zk
P320007 Advanced imaging techniques 3/0/0 Zk
P320009 Biochemical Methods 3/0/0 Zk
P320013 Industrial Microbiology 3/0/0 Zk
P402002 Chemometrics 2/1/0 Zk
P402017 Molecular Engineering 3/0/0 Zk
P403001 Molecular Modelling and Simulation 2/1/0 Zk
P403003 Estimation of Physico-chemical Properties from Molecular Structures 2/1/0 Zk
P403006 Colloid and Surface Chemistry 2/1/0 Zk
P403017 Advanced methods for characterization of solids 2/1/0 Zk
P403018 Vibrational Spectroscopy 2/1/0 Zk
P413001 Graph Theory and Applications 3/0/0 Zk
P413003 Numerical Methods for Engineering 3/0/0 Zk
P413004 Deterministic and stochastic discrete systems 3/0/0 Zk
P413005 Numerical methods of Analysis of Non-linear Dynamical Models 3/0/0 Zk
P413006 Non-linear Optimalization 3/0/0 Zk
P413007 Dynamical Systems 3/0/0 Zk
P444004 Chemical Sensors 3/0/0 Zk
P444005 Software Tools for Measurement and Control 3/0/0 Zk
P444009 Advanced Measurement Methods in Experimental Physics and Chemistry 3/0/0 Zk

Subjects of module C

Optional subjects taught at school level, providing skills outside the narrow professional focus. More information on phd.vscht.cz

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