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Bachelor Study Sub-programme, Faculty of Chemical Engineering


Study is based on solid foundations, which students build the two-semester study of general, inorganic and organic chemistry in the initial part of the study, supplemented by a further two semester courses in mathematics and physics. On this basis follow emerging chemical disciplines - physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, biochemistry and chemical engineering. Teaching all these disciplines also includes the mandatory completion of basic laboratory courses, which students can further establish optional at the end of the study the laboratory courses. Chemically oriented education is supplemented and developed disciplines focused on information technology, extended language, social and economically oriented disciplines.


Graduates of study programme Chemistry have a thorough knowledge of all basic chemical and related disciplines. Due to the wide scope of study, graduates well versed in chemically-oriented information, search, sort, analyze and draw conclusions. It is able to quickly adapt to changed conditions. The width of the vision and scope of understanding of the physico-chemical nature of chemical, biological and manufacturing processes, as well as an overview of the characteristics and structure of substances and materials gives graduates of the study program requirements especially for successful study in master's degree programs focused on the chemical disciplines within the Czech Republic and in abroad, but they can easily find a job in science and research institutions.


Study Language Czech
Duration 3 years
Form of study full time
Place of study Praha
Capacity 30 students
Study Programme Chemistry (code B1407)
Study sub-programme code 1407R005
Detailed information at departments Department of Analytical Chemistry
Department of Computing and Control Engineering
Department of Chemical Engineering
Department of Inorganic Chemistry
Department of Mathematics
Department of Organic Chemistry
Department of Physical Chemistry
Department of Physics and Measurement
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