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Process Engineering and Management

Process Engineering and Management

Bachelor Study Sub-programme, Faculty of Chemical Engineering


Students gain theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to understand the principles in the chemical, biotech and manufacturing processes, both from the point of view of the technical and economic management. The emphasis is good chemical, mathematical and physical basis, allowing students to focus on the later stages of the selected specialist areas, including chemical engineering, economics, business or industrial measurement and control processes.


The versatility of the graduate's chemical-engineering profile makes it possible to apply the acquired knowledge and skills in almost any technology of materials processing as well as in the development and intensification of many industrial processes. Graduates are prepared for entry into practice thanks to the variability of the study program, as well as for MSc. studies in all branches of technical and food chemistry and chemical-engineering disciplines. In the course of study, students can select optional courses for deeper specialization in one of three areas: (i) chemical engineering, (ii) measurement and control in process engineering, (iii) economic aspects of chemical and food production. Graduates are well educated in modern informatics. The breadth of insight and understanding of the physico-chemical background of the chemical processes enables graduates to be employed both in traditional chemical, petrochemical and energy industries, as well as in the food industry or government offices.


Study Language Czech
Duration 3 years
Form of study full time + combined
Place of study Praha
Capacity 50 students
Study Programme Engineering and Management (code B2815)
Study sub-programme code 2807R020
Suggested subsequent study in sub-programmes Economics and Management of Chemical and Food Companies
Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering
Sensorics and cybernetics in chemistry
Detailed information at departments Department of Economics and Management
Department of Chemical Engineering
Department of Physics and Measurement
Selection of recent theses
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