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Double Degree Programmes


Studying under a double degree program enables students to receive two diplomas (one from the home university and one from the partner university) during a shorter time, than if the studies would be done at each university separately.

For foreign students to be part of these programmes at our university UCT Prague has to have a Master or PhD Double Degree agreement with their home university. The two partner universities recognise the courses of the partner university in the particular study program – the study plan of Master or PhD Double Degree is arranged in a way, that students fulfil requirements to receive a diploma at both universities.

Students who successfully finish this program receive two diplomas from two different countries, which gives them advantages for their future career.

Faculty of Chemical Engineering currently offers one Master Double Degree and two PhD Double Degree Programmes.

Master Double Degree

Doctoral Double Degree Programmes

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Department of International Relations

Admission officer for foreign full-time degree students

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Ing. Lenka Balíková 

b Lenka.Balikova@vscht.cz
+420 220 443 158

Room: B2310 (Zikova street, 1st floor)


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