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prof. Ing. Michal Přibyl, Ph.D.
e +420 220 444 445
b Michal.Pribyl@vscht.cz

prof. Ing. Michal Přibyl, Ph.D.

Vice-Dean for International Relationships

Ing. Pavel Hrnčiřík, Ph.D.
e +420 220 444 296
b Pavel.Hrncirik@vscht.cz

Ing. Pavel Hrnčiřík, Ph.D.

Faculty Secretary

Ing. Kamila Klaudisová, Ph.D.
e +420 22044 3281
b Kamila.Klaudisova@vscht.cz

Ing. Kamila Klaudisová, Ph.D.

Contact Persons for Foreign Students

Mgr. Anna Vaněčková
e +420 604 473 770
b Anna.Vaneckova@vscht.cz

Webmaster of Faculty

Ing. Iva Nachtigalová, Ph.D.
e +420 22044 4259
b Iva.Nachtigalova@vscht.cz

Ing. Iva Nachtigalová, Ph.D.
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Opening hours

Monday: 13.00-15.00 
Tuesday: closed
Wednesday: 09.00-11.00
Thursday: closed
Friday: closed

NOTIFICATION: The Dean's Office will be moved to new premises in Zikova street no. 4. – probably in the August. For this reason, it will be closed for a while. Please follow our website for the updates.



University of Chemistry and Technology Prague
Faculty of Chemical Engineering
Technická 3
Prague 6 – Dejvice
166 28
Czech Republic



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