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About Faculty of Chemical Engineering


The Faculty of Chemical Engineering has its origins in the Prague School of Chemical-Technological Engineering founded in 1920 as part of the Czech Technical University. In 1960, the Faculty of Chemical Production, Automation and Economics was established in response to the need of the chemical industry to enhance its process and economic disciplines, as well as its chemical ones. In 1969 it was renamed the Faculty of Chemical Engineering.


The Faculty of Chemical Engineering offers the following forms of study:

  • Three-year BSc study programmes leading to the Bc. title
  • Two-year consequential MSc study programmes leading to the Ing. title
  • Four-year PhD study programmes leading to the Ph.D. title
  • Various types of short-term courses provided within the programme of adult education.

Our Faculty offers full study programmes for foreign students and also programmes for exchange and visiting students.


Research conducted by the departments of the faculty can be divided into six main streams:

  1. Chemical engineering; modelling and experimental verification of systems involving hydrodynamics, mass transfer and/or chemical reactions; dynamics of chemical and biological systems; chemical robotics
  2. Measurement, analysis, modelling and control of processes and systems of chemical technology, biotechnology and bioengineering; information engineering; signal and image processing; computer vision and control engineering
  3. Supply systems management of the food and chemical products: design, modelling and simulation; marketing, logistics and financial collaboration in supply chain management
  4. Molecular modelling and simulation; structural, spectroscopic and thermodynamic properties of environmentally or biologically important substances and their complexes
  5. Physical, physicochemical and chemical measurements and analyses; advanced separation techniques including chromatographic, electromigration and hyphenated techniques; physical and chemical sensors; molecular recognition
  6. Biospectroscopy; atomic spectroscopy together with speciation analysis; molecular spectroscopy, including chiroptical methods; high resolution spectroscopy
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