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Bachelor Programme

Chemistry and Technology (Faculty of Chemical Engineering)

Chemistry and Technology (Faculty of Chemical Engineering)

Bachelor Programme, Faculty of Chemical Engineering

The Faculty of Chemical Engineering enables students to study general chemical and chemical engineering disciplines that are applicable to a wide range of fields in science, chemical and biochemical technologies and environmental protection issues.



The main aim of the study programme is to prepare the graduates for Master degree studies in a variety of branches at UCT Prague or worldwide. Graduates are also prepared for qualified positions in specialized workplaces because they have the proper theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and experience in wide range of chemical and chemical engineering subjects. Graduates can acquire qualified jobs in production plants in the chemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical industries; in research and development chemical laboratories; in inspecting, supervisory, and monitoring laboratories; in commerce; and in state administration.


You can choose one of two specializations offered by this faculty.


Specialisation - Engineering

The aim of the specialization is to provide students with high-quality preparation for the study of chemical engineering in follow-up Master degree programmes. Students learn about the fields of chemical engineering and bioengineering, industrial chemistry, and the food industry. Students are also trained to use numerical mathematics and various computational tools that are suitable for engineering.
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Specialisation - Chemistry

This specialization is for those who are looking for a universal chemical education. Due to the variety of subjects included in the programme, students have the possibility to choose a suitable area of interest in which they will further develop their education in a follow-up programme. From the beginning of their studies, students can choose to be included to a UCT Prague research team so that they can start development of their research skills.
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Programme Details

Study Language English
Duration 3 years
Form of study full-time , other
Place of study Praha
Capacity 20 students
Programme code (national) B0711A130015
Programme Code (internal) AB408
Updated: 13.3.2023 09:31, Author: Jitka Čejková

UCT Prague
Technická 5
166 28 Prague 6 – Dejvice
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VAT: CZ60461373

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