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Information for PhD Students


Contact Person for Doctoral Students and Foreign Students

 ◳ vaneckova (jpg) → (šířka 215px)

Mgr. Anna Vaněčková

e +420 220 443 895
b Anna.Vaneckova@vscht.cz


FCEConditions of Study in Doctoral Study Programmes - Faculty of Chemical Engineering10.10.2023
Requirements of doctoral study boards for filling of ISP (how many subjects for each module)11.09.2023
A/V/961/15/2023 (EN)Manner of and Deadlines for Submission of Documents for Annual Assessment and Report on Results of Scientific and Professional Activities of DSP Students30.06.2023
Application for the chage in ISP13.03.2024
Application for Defence of Doctoral Thesis01.08.2023
Application to basic part of state doctoral exam11.10.2023
A/S/961/6/2018 (EN)Defence and storage of theses with deferred publishing01.10.2018
A/S/961/2/2018 (EN)Rules for submitting and publishing dissertation theses at UCT Prague01.02.2018
Application for the provision of a travel expenses scholarship
Exit clearance form (PhD)15.02.2021

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