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Information on subjects for ERASMUS students

  • AB402001  Analytical Chemistry I
  • AB402002  Analytical Chemistry II
  • AB402005  Analytical Chemistry: Laboratory I
  • AB402006  Analytical Chemistry: Laboratory II
  • AB403003  Physical Chemistry I
  • AB403004  Physical Chemistry II
  • AB409001  Unit Operations of Chemical Engineering I
  • AB409002  Unit Operations of Chemical Engineering II
  • AB409018  Chemical Engineering Laboratory
  • AB413001  Mathematics A
  • AB413002  Mathematics B
  • AB413003  Applied Statistics
  • AB413004  Numerical Methods
  • AB413005  Computer Algebra System Maple
  • AB444003  Physics I
  • AB444005  Physics: Laboratory
  • AB444006  Fundamentals of Machinery
  • AB444007  Measuring and Control Engineering
  • AB445001  Computer Practice
  • AB445002  Mathematical Methods in Engineering
  • AB445007  Signal Processing


  • AM402004  Methods of Structural and Surface Analysis
  • AM402014  Molecular Modelling
  • AM403030  Structure and Properties of Molecules
  • AM409001  Unit Operations of Chemical Engineering III
  • AM409002  Technical Thermodynamics
  • AM409004  Separation Methods in Biotechnologies
  • AM409010  Bioengineering Methods
  • AM409013  Mathematical modeling of processes in chemical engineering
  • AM409014  Fluid Mechanics
  • AM409016  Heat transfer
  • AM409023  Processes for energy and specialties
  • AM413004  Multivariate data analysis
  • AM413010  Numerical algorithms
  • AM444006  Measuring Technique
  • AM444007  Measurement in Environmental Protection
  • AM445002  Digital Signal and Image Processing
  • AM445003  Control Theory
  • AM445004  Neural Networks
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