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The principal aim of the bilateral UCT-KRICT project is to prepare and use new superhydrophobic perfluropolymer materials for advanced micro and bio applications. Reaching of aim will be achieved by the synergistic actions comprising tailoring of size, chemical composition and structure, surface properties of polymer materials and their utilization for advanced micro bio applications. Furthermore, prepared superhydrophobic perfluorinated nanomaterials (in nanoparticles and flat film arrangement) will be used for advanced micro bio applications with 3D human tumor spheroids preparation and highly selective microabsorbers for SO2 and CO2 capturing from gas mixtures. Simultaneously, they will be tested to identify potential hazards to the environment, food chains and human health and biofilm prevention or inhibition.

The originality of our project lies in the connection of the fabrication and fundamental characterization of novel perfluorinated materials with enhanced properties (superhydrophobicity and hierarchical 2D and 3D structures) and their application for challenging tasks:

  • micro bio applications for the tumor cell 3D spheroids cultivation
  • unique micro gas absorbers for selective SO2 and CO2 capturing from gas mixtures
  • new superhydrophobic hierarchal flat films surfaces for active biofilm-prevention or -inhibition
  • toxicity of the prepared materials, handling risks and safety issues
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