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Food Research Institute Prague

List of available PhD theses

Molecular characterization of various variants of fish parvalbumin gene in respect of biochemical and allergenic features of corresponding expressed proteins

Department: Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology, Faculty of Food and Biochemical Technology


Fish parvalbumin gene is composed of four exons separated by three introns. The gene encodes highly thermoresistant parvalbumin protein. This protein can act as food allergen in predisposed consumers. Intron sequences of the gene can due to their uniqueness serve as species determination marker, while exons encode protein, including respective epitopes triggering allergic reaction. In each fish species, parvalbumin gene is represented by number of paralogs. The aim of the dissertation is to characterize these paralog/ortholog variants by means of molecular tools as well as by biochemical and immunochemical approaches, building on phylogenetic data obtained from databases as well as from NGS. Obtained dataset should also serve as a base for next construction of microarray chip for species determination or in phagemid version for pacient sera profiling to assess reactivity to a spectrum of various fish species meat.

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